ABK Pay Wearable Sticker

Now with ABK-Egypt’s advanced wearable payment solution ABK Pay, enjoy a safe, swift and hassle-free checkout experience.

What is "ABK Pay" ?

ABK Pay is an electronic sticker that supplements your credit card. It is an easy, safe and convenient payment tool designed to help you make fast and secure contactless payments for your daily purchases through an electronic sticker that can be attached to any of your belongings (i.e. Mobile, Wallet, purse, …etc.).

How to use "ABK Pay" ?

  1. Issue Your electronic sticker from ABK-Egypt and attach it to the back of your mobile, wallet or any personal item of your choice
  2. Contact ABK-Egypt Call Center on 19322 (available 24/7) to activate your electronic sticker
  3. When shopping, check the contactless symbol contactless symbol on the stores’ POS device on the stores’ POS device, then simply tap sticker over the device to pay
  4. Wait for the confirmation – beep, checkmark or green light that shows that your payment is approved
  5. You will receive a confirmation SMS from ABK-Egypt after every transaction
  6. No need to enter a PIN for transactions below EGP 600

How to Apply for “ABK Pay”?

  1. For existing credit cardholders: Call ABK-Egypt Call Center on 19322 (available 24/7) to request the sticker
  2. For new credit card customers: Please visit your nearest branch to apply for your credit card and sign Sticker request form

* Transaction limits for Cards with Contactless features may change according to the limits set by the Central Bank of Egypt.

* Terms & conditions apply