All you need is to Tap & Go with ABK-Egypt Contactless Cards

Your daily small purchases became Simple, Fast and Secure

Now with ABK-Egypt Cards you can pay your Local and International purchases using the contactless feature in a very simple way. All you need is to Tap & Go without entering your card PIN for your purchases.

Just bring your ABK-Egypt card within inches of the POS machine while paying at the cashier and then you’re good to go.

Save Time

Contactless Cards allows the customer to save time on any transaction (Local and International) by just waving the Card in front of the POS machine without entering the card.


With Contactless payments, the card never leaves your hand; in addition to this, you will receive an SMS with the transaction details after every purchase.

Limits and Amounts

The feature is available for up to 10 transactions per day without being asked to enter your PIN

  1. Contactless transactions below EGP 600 will not require entering a PIN
  2. Contactless transactions above EGP 600 will require a PIN

How to use ABK-Egypt Contactless Cards

  1. Check to see the Contactless symbol contactless symbol on the stores’ POS deviceon your card and on the stores’ POS device.
  2. At participating merchants, hold your card directly over the POS device to pay.
  3. Get the ok – a beep, checkmark or green light – to show your payment is approved.

If you do not see the contactless symbol on the POS machine, your contactless-enabled card can still be used by inserting your chip into the POS at checkout.

* Terms & conditions apply