Xtra Points Rewards Program

Enjoy the Ultimate Shopping Experience with ABK Xtra Points Program that rewards ABK cardholders for making purchases using their Credit/Debit Cards by giving them incentives in the form of points. The earned points can be redeemed instantly when shopping or paying for anything from anywhere in the world that accepts card payments, or you can redeem points in the form of cash back to your card balance.

How to Register?

  1. Click on Xtra Points Program
  2. Press "Register"
  3. Enter your Credit/Debit Card number
  4. Fill in your information
  5. Create username and password
  6. Choose your created username to login
  7. Or
    - Download "Pay with Rewards" application From Google play store or Apple store
    - enter your card number 
  8. Check your earned/redeemed points

How to Earn Points?

The more you spend with your Credit or Debit Card the more you earn. ABK Xtra points values are structured based on card type:

Card Type Credit Card Debit Card
Classic Gold Titanium Platinum World Elite Classic ABK Next Platinum
Xtra Points* N/A Spend EGP 4,500 and get 25,000 points Spend EGP 8,000 and get 35,000 points Spend EGP 40,000 and get 60,000 points Spend EGP 100,000 and get 300,000 points N/A N/A N/A
Spend Points/EGP 1 0.5 point 0.5 point 1 point 1.5 points 2 points 0.25 points 0.25 points 0.5 point

* Spend amounts should be within 4 months of the card issuance date

* Terms & Conditions apply

How to Redeem Points?

Points Redemption for shopping/payments:

  1. Download “Pay with Rewards“ application From Google play store or Apple store
  2. Enter your card number
  3. Choose the suitable option to redeem your points:
    1. Save the points for future transactions or redeem for old transactions“No Purchases option”
    2. Redeem the points for next transaction “Next Purchase option”
    3. Redeem the points at every transaction “All Purchases option”
  4. Every 100 points equals 1 EGP

Points Redemption for Cash Back:

Redeem as cashback to your card balance through Xtra points rewards website mentioned in ABK-Egypt website. Follow the below easy steps to complete your Cash Back request:

  1. Select Pay with Rewards
  2. Select PWRL
  3. Choose the amount according to your available earned point
  4. Click ok to redeem, the amount will appear
  5. Select the requested amount
  6. Press continue to redeem
  7. Press on “Receive Pay with Reward Email Notification“ icon to receive notification email after your redemption
  8. The amount will be in your card balance the next working day
  9. Every 100 points equals 1 EGP